Teardrop Banner

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*Graphic Dimensions / Total Height:
S – 70cm x 166cm / 2.1m
M – 90cm x 200cm / 2.6m
L – 100cm x 290cm / 3.2m
XL – 130cm x 350cm / 5.6m
*Min. Order 3 pieces (design can be varied)

Being a portable and a high impact solution, the flag stand banner allows the message to be seen easily at all times.

The teardrop banner meets your needs providing maximum coverage and visibility for your event.

Includes carrier bag and relevant assembly components

*Dimensions and weight may differ slightly from actual product

All setup / teardown subject to availability

Please contact us for availability before placing order.

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Water Bag (For weights), L – 100cm x 290cm / 4.5m, M – 90cm x 200cm / 3.4m, S – 70cm x 166cm / 2.8m, XL – 130cm x 350cm / 5.6m

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