How to transfer files to Aaron Wills Design

Upload Your file to preferred cloud server
*Reminder to google drive user, do remember to set your file accessibility to anyone who has the specific link.
Attach the link to an email and send to us

We Accept The Following File Formats

& Image Format

Resolution Guidelines

All the images must have minimum 300 DPI resolutions.

Colour Mode

All colour artwork and images must be provide in CMYK / RGB.

Font Guidelines


  • Any Misplacement, picture, blur, spelling or typo error on customer’s artwork
  • For any artwork and content fill up with overprint (Font and image) which will not print out in final product.
  • Colour in computer screen monitor CANNOT be used as colour standard
  • Colour Proof provided by customers CANNOT be used as colour standard
  • There will be a certain level of colour variance compare with colour proofing. The Final product colour will follow Aaronwills Print colour standard
  • Path Fonts

Please make sure you link and embed your images

Save the ALL link files inside a folder together with the FA (Final Artwork)