3D Props


We specialize in creating 3D props, themed environments, monumental art and amazing 3D signage. Our team of artists is highly experienced with artistry backgrounds in every medium and technique. Whether it’s a foam sculpture or fiberglass statue, a life-size graphic character-icon, we can conceptualize and build it.
Whether you have a single item product launch, or an exhibition area to fill; whether the item is to last only a few hours, or a lifetime; we will make sure the item is right for the job in concept and cost.

• Polyactide Props
Polyactide are able to be displayed at outdoor weather conditions and is resistant to high human traffic. Great choice for long lasting 3D props.
• Foam Props
Foam Props are resistant to most weathering conditions for short term displays. They are cost effective and best used for festive decors and temporary event displays.
• 2D Graphic Props
2D Graphic Props create wondrous layered illusions to give that extra oomph factor to flat graphical surfaces.